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Activation using command

Open a root shell in termux and run the script:

Terminal window
sh /sdcard/Android/data/xtr.keymapper/files/

Use start button to start/stop service. When service is running, drag down notification panel and click on the notification to launch editor.

Non-rooted devices

Since v2.1.2 XtMapper supports non-rooted devices. Install Shizuku and authorize XtMapper from Shizuku app.
Enable “Use Shizuku” in XtMapper Settings > Misc.

Why activate?

In Android, for security reasons user apps are not allowed to access system APIs required for injecting motion (touch) events.
The script executes Xtmapper remote service with higher privileges (adb shell / root).
The user app (XtMapper) communicates with remote service through Android binder/AIDL interface for IPC.