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Welcome to XtMapper


XtMapper is the ultimate keymapper for Android on PC gaming designed to revolutionize your gaming experience with unparalleled features that set it apart from the rest. It offers a comprehensive set of features unmatched by other keymapper available.

Unlike other keymappers that often inject ads or having users to pay, XtMapper is committed to providing a clean and user-friendly experience. With its extensive feature set, user-friendly interface, and commitment to it’s userbase, XtMapper stands as the keymapper of choice for Android-x86 gaming enthusiasts.

It is free and open-source software boasting a comprehensive array of functionalities that cater to Android-x86 users diverse needs for mouse/keyboard/touchpad input, making it a standout choice among keymapping applications that usually only target mobile phone hardware.

There is literally just no match for it among other Android keymappers in the context of Android-x86.
As you might have already experienced, most other keymappers for Android are usually Adware / Paid closed source software that don’t even support Android-x86 natively.

XtMapper is included in Bliss OS and featured on BlissLabs.

Key Features

Multi-touch emulation from keyboard/mouse and enhancing control precision in various gaming scenarios: Providing a seamless and immersive touch experience for games that demand intricate touch inputs.

Mouse-to-touch emulation: Utilize your mouse as a touch pointer, enabling control in games that don’t support direct mouse input.

Keyboard-to-touch emulation: Configure keyboard keys to trigger touch events, allowing you to play games that don’t have native support for keyboard.

Aiming assistance: Enhance your aiming accuracy in FPS games with mouse-based aiming assistance while mapping mouse buttons and movement to various in-game functions.

Gesture emulation: Perform pinch-to-zoom gestures using keyboard shortcuts and mouse movements.

Smooth scrolling: Experience smooth and pixel-perfect scrolling emulation with your mouse wheel. Provides a more smooth and responsive scrolling experience than the android system defaults.

Swipe emulation: Execute swipes conveniently using designated keyboard keys, replicating touch-based gestures. Adds more versatility to your gaming controls.

Advanced touchpad support: Choose between direct touch or relative mode for touchpad input, catering to a variety of user preferences.

Low latency and high performance: Xtmapper provides low-latency, high-performance keymapping that ensures your inputs are registered with precision and speed. Enjoy a responsive and lag-free gaming experience.

Automatic profile switching: Automatically switch between keymapper profiles based on the active app, streamlining your gaming setup for each specific game.

Open-source development: Contribute to the ongoing development of XtMapper and benefit from its open-source nature.

XtMapper ensures a stable and reliable experience across most Android-x86 systems as long as it is Android 9 or newer. Older Android versions are not supported.