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Quick Setup VM

Easily deploy Bliss OS running in QEMU VMs.

  • Bypass bootloader and installer
  • Conveniently change kernel parameters.
  • Get access to a root shell in the guest using qemu serial console

System requirements

  • A Linux x86_64 host with a recent version of QEMU and virglrenderer installed
  • Atleast 2GB of available memory to allocate to the VM.

Downloading the script

Terminal window
curl "" -qgb "" -fLC - --retry 3 --retry-delay 3 -o

As with any other script downloaded from the Internet it is recommended to check what it does before executing. To initialize a Android x86 VM in specified directory with a disk image of 8 GB, run:

Terminal window
sudo bash -s 8 -i /path/to/BlissOS-v14.iso -d ~/Documents/bliss-14.10

Follow the instructions output on stdout by the script.
The QEMU command to start the VM will be written to in the target directory.


Command line options

Terminal window [-s X] -i android_iso_path -d android_install_dir
-i, --isofile (iso) Android-x86 ISO file
-d, --destination (path) Directory to install android files into
-s, --size (size) Size in GB (default=8)
--rw-system Extract system.img from system.sfs
--extract-system Extract system.img and copy contents
-h, --help Display this message and exit